About Us

By Grace Decor is a Luxury handmade bath, beauty and home essential company. 

A story that has started since 2010 and was founded in 2021 from a mother who wanted the ultimate best for her 5 children without compromising her personal aesthetic. Every product is made with love and fervent passion of using only top quality, 100% sustainable and all natural ingredients.

By Grace Décor has developed a unique expertise in handcrafted soaps, bath and
beauty products that are all inspired by the authenticity of the use of our natural sources, we strategically plan every single step of the production process to ensure all exceptional properties and benefits of our raw materials are used to optimal potential for the nourishment of your skin, body and wellness.

By Grace takes pride in its integrity and efficacy, we are 100% cruelty free and eco - friendly, always starving to make a change in the world and leaving a footprint (but not a carbon footprint).

Our beliefs and foundations come from an ideology to aid those of most need and as James 1:27 states By Grace Décor will donate a % off all its proceeds to a local orphanage in Baja California and hopefully many many more.

Everyday is luxury, use luxury everyday.